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The Gospel of Gaga

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This morning I was going through my Facebook and Twitter feeds and noticed some leaders in the “church” world calling Lady Gaga a hypocrite for stating we are “one nation under God” in the beginning of her performance last night. Now I’m not the world’s biggest Lady Gaga fan… I enjoy some of her music and think she’s very creative and talented and did a great job last night… but I’m probably not the target audience for her fan club and only know her radio hits. Those comments about her…read more

One Gallon At A Time

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Since I can remember I’ve always been heavy. I needed “husky” pants as a kid and now as an adult I can only shop at big-&-tall stores. I grew up playing sports but realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t good. About the only memory I have of my soccer/baseball/basketball days is me playing in right field and focusing more on killing bees than making outs. As I’ve gotten older, given up on playing sports, gotten hooked on sugary drinks, and worked a 9-5 desk job… my “fluffyness” has accelerated I’ve…read more

The Day DC Talk Disappointed Me

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In April of 1999 DC Talk came to Dayton. They were my favorite band as a Christian teen in the 90’s so when I heard about the show I knew I had to go. I looked up ticket info, told my parents about it, and thought it was going to happen. What I didn’t realize is the night of the show was the night I had to go to life-guard training so I could get the summer job I wanted. Missing one class meant you failed the training so I…read more

Win the new album from Jesus Culture!

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My friends at Capitol Christian Music Group have provided me with a copy of Jesus Culture’s new album “Let It Echo” to give away through this blog and social media! If you don’t win you can purchase it and other Jesus Culture albums at I’m giving you 10 different ways to enter and you can enter each way once. You have until 5pm (Eastern time) on Friday January 22nd to enter and the winner will be announced shortly after that deadline. Here’s how you can enter and how many…read more

Why 2016 is going to be the most boring year ever.

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  My resolution for 2016 is simple… I’m going to make 2016 the most boring year ever. “Wait what?” is probably what you’re all thinking… No I haven’t been sniffing rubber cement (I gave up that habit in the 5th grade and only had one relapse in the 6th grade). There are a couple reasons behind this “resolution”… First one is that my wife and I are focusing our finances on saving up to buy a house. Rates are low, the housing market where we live is picking up, and we’re…read more

3 ways to fight against the “War On Christmas”

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The War On Christmas. Every year there’s a new company or organization accused of trying to take Christ out of Christmas by forcing their employees to say “Happy Holidays” or maybe by cutting back on how many manger scenes they display. This year that company is Starbucks who decided to go with a blank red cup for their annual holiday cup. A pastor somewhere posted a video saying it was an obvious attack on Christianity and that video quickly went viral with people threatening to boycott the coffee chain. While the…read more

The King Has One More Move

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I heard this story  in 2005 at a Christian Conference in Pittsburgh. I just stumbled  upon it online after a few years of forgetting about it. I thought it might fit where we are as a nation and world: I was at an art gallery with my friends, perusing the paintings and just walking through, pretending to have a greater appreciation for art than I actually held. My friend got stuck on one of the paintings, a piece titled “Checkmate” that depicted a chess game at (you guessed it) checkmate….read more

The Woof Washer?

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As the owner of 2 crazy awesome but sometimes annoying dogs, I can tell you first hand that “bath time” with dogs is usually not a fun time. My  husky and pitbull hate getting in the tub or being hosed out back. They love the post-wash feeling of being clean but despise the process that got them there. Today I saw an ad online for “Woof Washer”. This attachment to a hose is supposed to make dog washing easier. Watch this video and leave a comment letting me know your…read more

The Christian version of Candy Crush?

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Today on my Twitter feed something caught my eye. Some has developed a “Christian” version of Candy Crush called “Stained Glass“. I haven’t downloaded either Candy Crush or Stained Glass so this isn’t going to be a game review. I’m really just curious as to why us who identify as Christians feel the need to make a “Christian” version of everything. There are literally Christian mints called Testamints. Am I less of a Christian if I prefer Altoids or prefer an iPhone game about ticked off feathered creatures? It’s so…read more

My Essential Social Media Tools

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A question I am asked frequently is “are you on social media all day every day because you’re always tweeting or posting stuff?”. The short answer is “no”. The longer answer is “no my wife would kill me”. The longest answer is “no my wife would kill me so I found some tools to help me and I came up with a game plan”. The tool I use the most is called Buffer. This app has paid options but I just use the free version. It not only allows you to…read more