Brian Buchanan

A “Blah” Day

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Today was a “blah” day. I seriously considered staying home today because 1) I wasn’t feeling great and 2) I barely got any sleep last night and 3) the forecast all day was rain. When my alarm went off early this morning it took a few extra minutes for me to get myself out of bed… but I got up. The motivation to succeed and make my wife and family and myself proud is what got me up. That motivation pushed me to get ready and take my normal 60…read more


Fresh Start

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Two weeks ago my wife and I made a commitment to a better life. With her blessing and support I began classes in The Iron Yard‘s Code Academy. This 12 week intensive school will teach me everything I need to know about Front End Engineering to get a job in this fast growing industry. It’s been a scary journey. The financial aspect of cutting work from 50 hours a week to 15 while figuring out how to pay for the school is something we still don’t have 100% worked out….read more